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IPL Portable Hair Remover

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IPL Portable Hair Remover

How many hair removal methods have you tried over the years?

  • Shaving?

  • Painful waxing

  • Plucking?

  • Hair removal creams?

  • Threading?


Are you spending hundreds of dollars a year on expensive, ineffective, and sometimes painful methods to remove unwanted hair? The most advanced hair removal is not a razor, not a laser - The micro-oscillation technology removes hair painlessly. This cutting-edge device works by mechanically grasping multiple hairs at one time and pulling them out in a painless manner. 

BENEFITS - Pain-free, convenient, instant hair remover that's safe and gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Perfect for both men & women. Epilating reduces hair growth. With epilation, you get smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks. Removing hair from the root means hair takes longer to grow back than removal with surface methods like shaving and creams.

NO MORE - No more painful or smelly hair removal methods. No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns just silky smooth skin

WHERE TO USE - Ideal for all body parts - facial hair, belly, arms, and underarms, hard to reach areas on legs

THE TECH - Micro-oscillation technology sweeps away unwanted hair in one step, without pain or irritation - unlike other old methods like lasers, waxing, and plucking.

Most Effective Hair Removal Solution in the Comfort of Your Home

Want to have no-need-to-shave experience without spending hundreds at a salon? Our Laser Hair Remover can remove unwanted hair from the root and restrict hair growth without any pain.


  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Permanent hair removal device has a sensor that checks the pigmentation of the skin being treated and detects skin types. Laser hair removal machine is compatible with 4 skin types: white skin, bright color skin, standard Asia skin, naturally tan skin & darker tones.

  • PROFESSIONAL IPL TECHNOLOGY: IPL technology of permanent hair removal device removes unwanted hair from the root. At the same time, it restricts hair growth. The light head of the laser hair removal machine uses high light energy, 600000 Pulses.

  • 5 LIGHT INTENSITY LEVELS: This laser hair removal machine has 5 light intensity level for your convenience. Few indicator lights for proper operation. Permanent facial hair removal machine gives you the perfect results just after 6 sessions.

  • PORTABLE GROOMING KIT: Permanent hair removal device has a compact design which allows you to take it anywhere you want. Perfect for removing hair from the arms, underarms, legs, back, chest, bikini line, and face.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN: This laser hair removal machine has a safety mechanism. It assures complete safe permanent hair removal. Ignorable pain, no hurting to your skin while using the device.


What Does IPL Stand For?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It’s a type of light therapy used to treat wrinkles, spots, and unwanted hair.

IPL VS. Laser

IPL is similar to a laser treatment. However, a laser focuses just one wavelength of light at your skin, while IPL releases light of many different wavelengths, like a photo flash. The light from IPL is more scattered and less focused than a laser.

 HOW TO USE :  No batteries or loads are required, simply connect the device to start the treatments. Bring the machine Closer to the target area so that it is perpendicular to the skin and apply the laser light treatment. With 5 levels of light pulse intensity, you can customize the treatment to suit your hair growth level. 



Visible Results From The First Use




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